Josh Bledsoe:

I just spent a week in Tucson, Arizona with trombonist, musician, teacher and friend Mike Becker. This is my second trip to “bootcamp” and it was as positive an experience the second time around as it was the first.

Each day follows a similar format that trades off between masterclass style coaching and section coaching.  This year we were fortunate to have guests Mark Fry and Larry Zalkind. Mark spent a lot of time coaching the bass trombonists and tubists as well as section coaching. Larry presented an incredible masterclass which started with a short recital and later coached students as well as doing some section coaching.

Mark Fry keeps a blog, and will shortly upload a daily log of the event as well as some photos, so keep an eye out for more info!

Im not going to get specific on everything, but I encourage anyone who reads this to investigate the LBB (low brass bootcamp). Mike is truly an oasis in the desert. Mike is truly a world class player with an incredible gift. Mike has very clear ideas about style and can talk about what it means to play but still keep things simple and accessible.

If you are just stepping on the audition trail, or you’ve been on he trail a while and are wondering why you havent been advancing, or perhaps you are a DMA student looking to gain the knowledge you will need to teach the orchestral repetoire then this camp is for you! Mike plays the repetoire as well or better than anyone in the business.

Hope to see some of you next year!

Rachel Castellanos, Chicago,IL

Tom Burge,2nd Trombone, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra